Half Mag / Half Zine

The questions
1 What informal US title is held by Doug Emhoff?
2 Which art collector is buried in her own Venetian museum?
3 What is the world’s busiest shipping lane?
4 What were governed by the Parker Morris Standards?
5 Who debuted in 1920 as the Little Lost Bear?
6 In the solar system, what are Trojans?
7 Which 70s hit was based on Psalms 19 and 137?
8 What is produced by the larva of Bombyx mori?
What links:
9 135; 128.57; 120; 108; 90; 60?
10 Bate; haggard; hoodwink; rouse; stoop?
11 Books; children’s shoes; motorbike helmets; newspapers?
12 Dev Patel; Liam Neeson; Eoin Macken; Joel Edgerton?
13 Brave; Fire; Spirit; Originals; Rockets?
14 Ailsa Craig; Arran; Bute; Inchmarnock?
15 Anubis; Aeacus; Saint Peter?

The answers
1 Second Gentleman (he’s married to VP Kamala Harris).
2 Peggy Guggenheim.
3 Dover Strait (Channel).
4 Housing space recommendations.
5 Rupert Bear (Daily Express).
6 Asteroids.
7 By the Rivers Of Babylon.
8 Silk.
9 Degrees of internal angles of: octagon; heptagon; hexagon; pentagon; rectangle; triangle.
10 Terms in falconry.
11 Zero rated items for VAT.
12 Played Gawain in: The Green Knight; Excalibur; Merlin (Gwaine); King Arthur.
13 Teams in cricket’s The Hundred.
14 Islands in the Firth of Clyde.
15 Gatekeepers to the afterlife: ancient Egypt; judge in Hades (Greek); at gates of heaven.